Dealing with Client Rejection

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

So you have invested all your time effort and money Ito being the best you can be. You are proud of your work which you post on social media daily and want to share with the world.

You know so many people, you have all your old school friends, past clients, family members as friends on Facebook, Instagram etc. The whole world knows your a lash artist and a good one at that, But… They go to another lash artist, a salon down the road, maybe a new lash tech thats offering terrible work for £10..

Or one off my personal favourites is that “friend” that posts “Can anyone recommend someone who does lashes?” Knowing full well you do!

You want to scream at your phone, maybe text them a big long rant, how dare they! Then you question yourself as a person, did I upset them? Playing over the last time you saw them in your head, looking at old pictures of your work on them if it was a lash client, wondering if they didn’t like them and didn’t tell you, basically driving yourself insane.

Please let me tell you, you are not insane and you have every right to be upset.

We have all been there. What I want to share with you is how you deal with these situations outlines you as a person, professional and business owner.

The first step is dealing with the rejection. Of course it will hurt especially if the person that you feel has betrayed you or was one a loyal client. What you have to understand is there maybe a thousand factors that this person has gone elsewhere on this occasion, you need to learn how to deal with this correctly.

So firstly, simply if you are busy the client may not have been able to get in, something may have just happened for example a friend may have bought them a voucher or they may just be helping a friend out by visiting there new salon or maybe allowing them to practice on them as a model.

Think about when you go food shopping, do you always visit the same grocery store or sometimes do you have to call somewhere quickly for bread and milk? Its the same principle.

The client may not be aware they have hurt your feelings and may well think you wouldn’t notice their absence.

You may have taken your business on a different route that is no longer a good fit for them. What you have to understand is that there is enough business for everyone, you just have to find your niche and sector and then drive everything aimed at that person. What do I mean by that you may ask?

For example, could you imagine the Kardashians, Mary Berry, Sally a Mum from the school run and Kelly your friends 20 year old daughter who is a college student with £20 to last her the month all sat in the waiting room together to get lashes at the same salon? Not really, thats because they are all looking for different things in their chosen salon/Artist.

You need to decide who you want to attract into your business and then make sure that everything you post on social media would appeal to that person. Your price tag reflects that persons affordability for example students will want cheaper lashes, high end/ celebrity clientele want expensive lashes. Obviously you need to research your area and not be ridiculously under or over priced but if you are wanting the higher end clientele then you need to price accordingly.

If you focus on your own business it will flourish!

You cannot spend time getting too upset about factors that are out of your control. You genuinely will go crazy if you look into local salons, where past clients are going, its very unhealthy and while ever you are doing this you are distracted from your own business that could have benefited from that time. There is a perfect saying I one heard and I have lived by it ever since. It says ‘if a horse jockey takes his eye of the path and looks behind at the other horses, his horse will trip, fail and the horses that were behind will win. Focus on your own path and never ever look behind. That is how you win!”

There are more than enough clients to go around believe me. Worrying is such a waste of time as worrying will not change anything.

For every client you lose a new one is going to walk through your door.

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