Learning how to work to live not live to work.....

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Now I feel a little hypocritical writing this article as I am a self confessed work addicted control freak. However believe it or not I was a hell of a lot worse than I am now.

I used to wake up in the middle of the night and sit in the bathroom with my lap top so I didn’t disturb my husband researching and googling all sorts.

If I am 100% frank and truly honest with you this is the way you succeed. I strongly believe determined entrepreneurs have to do this. There is something inside you that physically feels like you are going to self combust if you do not get those answers there and then, I can’t explain it. I spent years researching things, that to be honest were completely irrelevant to my business but I still needed to know them.

I would end up being up all hours, then would spend a full day in the salon working in clients. Come home and be a wife and mother, have a house to run and then when everyone was in bed my business head would awaken.

I found myself drinking heavily as the only way I seemed to switch with off was when id had a few glasses of wine and was that tired I needed to sleep. I still to this day refer wine as my chill out juice.

My business was growing from strength to strength my profits were soaring, I had a brand new range rover on my drive way, holidays to the Maldives I was literally living out my dream. Or so I thought.

It began to dawn on me the school plays I missed, the assemblies, the trips. I would be late home and my husband and daughter would be in bed. Id be away with work weekends, evenings weeks away, our family was drifting apart while my business was thriving.

It was then I realised I loved my family and I needed to drastically make some changes or face losing everything.

I started being strict with my appointments. No longer would I work until 8pm just so I could accommodate clients. I had paid staff, why should I be working all hours?

It is so hard to give away the responsibility when you are used to being totally in control but trust me it comes to a time where enough is enough and you have to accept the fact that to grow your business you need to have people in to help you.

The main factor I think most of us lash artist face is the guilt. We feel responsible for getting our clients appointments and feel we have to stay after hours and become a slave to work but we really don’t.

You will find that eventually the clients that you have bent over backwards for will, eventually leave. They may go to another lash tech and disappear off the face of the earth.

The one thing I have realised in my business is that you have to take care of your self before taking care of anyone else.

You cannot be an amazing lash artist, Business Woman, Mother, wife etc if you are not happy and in the right place. Do what makes you happy! Invest in online booking so that people aren’t messaging you all hours! Honestly this is on of the best business decisions you will ever make. Then when people access your diary and see there is no availability you can say you are fully booked. You can also book in downtime for yourself with our clients being able to see this and then feeling the guilt and being forced to work when you really don’t want to.

Its hard but you have to get tough. One day it will click it may take someone pushing you over the edge (thats what usually does it for me) but then you will realise you are a business this is your lively hood. Create policies. Stick to them and live the life you truly want to live.

At the end of the day your the boss! Remember That!

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